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Not that I am in the market for a driver, but this is driver looks great. Not sure if I was having the driving day of my life, but man this driver was straight and long. You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it or not. Third, modern drivers with bendable hosels exist, so do your research. Will a TalorMade adjustment wrench work on Coba drivers?

The lightweight hosel sleeve along with the overall aerodynamics of the Anser driver makes it look and feel as good as any driver on the market. All together extremely happy with the Ping Anser and would recommend it. So I did my research and gave the Ping Anser a go. This was the best driver in the entire feature for me. Add on top, this driver does have a lie adjustment.

With adjustable drivers becoming an even more common trend in the golf market, Ping has joined TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, and others with their first adjustable driver, the Ping Anser. While that isn't as much as some other adjustable drivers, Ping wanted to keep the look at address as close to square as possible, yet raising or lowering the launch slightly. As with all adjustable drivers, they should be viewed as having a built in tour truck for a one time custom fitting and the Ping Anser driver comes into this category. You can tell that Ping were cautious of affecting the weight and feel of the club, fs 1135 mfp driver so the hosel is very small and the adjustability is minimal. Thank you Global Golf for helping solve my driving problems.

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Stunning looks, easy to keep clean and lots of distance. Last month we told you that the brand wanted full confidence in the product before putting it to market, hence why the Anser driver has taken a tad longer to join the adjustable party. They range in weight and trajectory. Don't see the club you want? The four offerings are distinct in weight, stiffness, and the trajectory they deliver.

The attention to detail is classic Ping. The matte black finish is the same. Sure enough, his dispersion was generally pretty high with this driver. But I think their desire to get you fit with what is best and then leave it alone is probably what drives them to withhold tips from the public.

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Is that a weight port on the bottom of the Ping Answer Driver? Not sure I get the point of such limited adjustability. Not sure what the reason is there.

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What do ya think the odds are that this at least ends up in my closet? Looking for a low spinning driver that is golfer-friendly enough for the average guy to play? The head and shaft combo made this driver FilthyLong. It sounds really good on well hit shots with a slightly dull but very satisfying sound. Golfers can adjust the loft by half-a-degree up or down using the supplied wrench.

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My driving has never been so consistent and I am getting over yds carry which is a revelation. The club looks fantastic behind the ball and just inspires confidence. This information is used as the foundation for our total subjective score. Sensational entry into adjustability, done with subtlety and with great shaft options. Displayed next to the review.

You can use the filters on the right-hand side to show and hide individual golfer based on handicap and clubhead speed. Then it went south, most likely because I stopped playing golf with any consistency. Miles of Golf has a qualified staff and various fitting components to help fit you for the best combination. Just bought a used and love it.

Earn points from this purchase! The feel off the face was not that impressive, but the results were good. Want to test out two different brands, or two different configurations?

Notify me of new posts by email. The adjustability is a nice touch and it's good to see Ping join in with this feature.

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. Condition Description Clubs in Very Good Condition have been played with and cared for in an appropriate fashion. The difference is in the sole and the hosel. Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter? It's so much more forgiving for low-spin, adds monstrous length, feels like a powerhouse and sounds exceptional.

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Those two points aside, this is a plenty good driver. In other words, retail price is not a direct indicator of wholesale price.

This driver is very forgiving, long and looks wonderful. All of the wear is purely cosmetic, and will not in any way affect the performance of the club. Very Good Condition Driver Example.