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Re-insert the memory card or turn the camera off and then on again. Playback Mode The F-mode and playback menus are used to manage the pictures in internal memory or on the memory card. To choose a shooting mode, rotate the mode dial to the desired setting pg. These pictures can not be cropped. Af-assist Illuminator Autofocus Although the camera boasts a high-precision autofo- cus system, it may be unable to focus on the subjects listed below.

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Exposure Compensation d Exposure Compensation Use exposure compensation when photographing very bright, very dark, or high-contrast subjects. For information on specifi c topics, consult the sources below.

Finepix s1600 driver

Shutter speed and aperture will be displayed. The camera is in silent mode. How do I view a lot of pictures at once?

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What are the parts of the camera called? Use a compatible memory card. For subjects in direct sunlight. The battery-chamber cover is not latched. Rotate the mode dial to A.

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Care should be taken to avoid scratching the lens or monitor. How can I make good portraits? Choose higher values when the sub- ject is poorly lit. Copy important pictures to a computer or other storage device before proceeding.

When taking important photographs, take a test shot and check the results. This can cause the camera to fall or tip over and cause injury. Can I set the clock to local time when I travel? This mode is recommended in most situations.

Do not place the camera on an unstable surface. Can the camera automatically adjust settings for diff erent scenes? Best choice in most situations. Continued use of the camera can cause a fi re or electric shock.

Position the subject in the focus frame. Latch the battery-chamber cover. Choose for group portraits in horizontal or vertical orientations to prevent the camera from focusing on the back- ground. Shooting Mode Shooting Mode Choose a shooting mode according to the scene or type of subject.

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The eff ect is visible in the display. The self- timer is available in all shooting modes. The fi le number is displayed during playback as shown at right.

FinePix S1600 / S1770(Discontinued Model)

The voice memo can not be played back. Menus and other text in the camera monitor are shown in bold.

Pictures are The ambient temperature is high and the sub- mottled. It has no eff ect on pictures displayed on a computer or other device. Choose how fi les are named pg. Measure a value for white balance. The lens will extend automatically.

Rotate the mode dial to N. No picture is Memory is not formatted. If the camera is unable to focus using autofocus, use focus lock pg.

How can I avoid blurred pictures? Consult your travel agent for information on plug adapters. Take the last shot, framing it to over- lap the second picture.

During Printing The message shown at right is displayed during printing. Connecting The Camera Connecting the Camera Connecting the Camera If the pictures you wish to copy are stored on a memory card, insert the card into the camera pg. Press the I button to display continuous shooting options. Choose for self-portraits or for group por- traits that include the photographer. Note that deleted pictures can not be recovered.

Can I choose my own settings for diff erent scenes? The safety and a third grounding pin. Choose to avoid blur caused by the cam- era moving when the shutter button is pressed. Viewing Pictures Viewing Pictures Pictures can be viewed in the monitor. Specify the diff erence between local time and your home time zone.

How do I make the display brighter or darker? Note that depending on the printer, not all the functions described below may be supported.

Insert the batteries in the camera as described below. Turn the camera off before connect- ing the cable. How can I be sure that nobody blinked when the photo was taken? If printing is interrupted, soby pcg-5k1l driver press a to turn the camera off and then on again.

Use for sharp outlines when photographing such subjects as buildings and text. Can I hide the icons in the display when viewing my pictures? Choose a continuous shooting mode.