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Motion blur was minimal and the moving image looked sharp and crisp. We actually preferred the artefact-free fluidity of the panel here and response times were low enough to be able to cope with the high frame rates offered.

The second button gives you quick access to the brightness control slider. In Battlefield you will experience a lot of varying frame rates due to the changes in scenery and the complexity of your surroundings.

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Laptop Panel Parts Database. It should be noted also that it has minimal impact on the colour and appearance of the screen, although you do of course lose some brightness range.

Hey and guess what, it performs beautifully, G-sync provides some beautifully smooth gameplay and the color is phenomenal. Very good gaming and gray-scale performance. The luminance uniformity of the screen was moderate. They tell me that the only thing they can do is open another repair ticket.

Question My display goes haywire whenever I update my graphics card drivers. Question Display driver problem with new Asus Fx Du.

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Maybe I'm asking for too much of Acer but I just want a monitor that works properly, rtl8139d network driver nothing else. The monitor box was sealed with Acer tape and everything inside was clearly new.

This was not a minor issue, as you can see from the photo I have attached. You will note there is some cross talk evident here in the form of the trailing image, and a result of the strobe timing. Tearing can become particularly noticeable during faster horizontal motion e. You have to reach under and up to turn it on and off. May be ok if you find the brightness level suitable, if not you will probably be better adjusting the brightness in your calibrated user mode yourself.

How to Download and Update Acer Predator Drivers

The whole screen feels more responsive because of the faster refresh rate. However, the overshoot becomes far more problematic and reaches ridiculous levels by the time you're running at Hz. We will test that in a moment as well, but it allows you to control the strobe length, and therefore adjust the visible persistence somewhat.

Good tilt and height ranges. If so, then the answer is yes. And there was some slightly noticeable in the upper left hand corner, but only in a completely dark room while looking at a black screen, it is completely unnoticeable with regular use. Again you can see the effects of some overshoot on the Asus screen with a bright halo behind the moving image being apparent. After going through a couple of weeks of troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that the monitor was the cause of the issues.

The response times need to be at least as fast as this to keep up, and thankfully they are on this screen. Our only real hangup with this monitor is its lack of inputs. This was nice and stable across the brightness adjustment range as shown above. They've also carried out various lag tests which have confirmed that using G-sync doesn't seem to add any noticeable lag, compared with running with Vsync off. There are obvious and noticeable benefits when it comes to perceived blur reduction which is the main thing and running a screen like this at Hz is a joy with blur reduction applied as well.

On the Asus this is where some of the overshoot becomes apparent, to a small degree, on certain colour transitions. The speed of changing a setting e. This screen is obviously aimed completely at gaming, and it won't disappoint.

Given the screen's comparatively high price tag, we expect most buyers will already be equipped with the system they need. This is just handy to have and definitely a nice add-on feature. The image was very sharp and crisp and text was very clear. We would have liked to have seen more customisable preset modes as they are a bit restrictive when it comes to the locked brightness levels.

Higher end gaming machines might be able to push out higher frame rates more consistently and so you might find less benefit in using G-sync. This lack of synchronisation coupled with the nature of monitor refreshes typically from top to bottom causes the monitor to display a different frame towards the top of the screen vs. Tests were completed at the maximum Hz refresh rate.

Apart from these things, the monitor was perfect. Lack of some bells and whistles and customisable preset modes. Regardless, the option is there. These tests allow us to establish.

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At the bottom of the screen this gets worse. These, along with various motion tests allowed us to quickly identify which was the optimum overdrive setting for this screen. Now, I can have an enjoyable experience with my monitor, in the dark due to my accent lighting.

Tilt, mm height, swivel and rotate. Out of the box, the screen is extremely hot, and the built in color modes don't really go as low as they should.

Acer xb270hu driver

They had quit carrying them, had them again, and just now put them back under review. These images were taken at the centre of the screen vertically, so it gives you a good indication also of the strobe cross-talk levels on this display, in the central region.

At this point, I think I am being completely reasonable. Overdrive was causeing lots of issues on every mode but normal. Frequently Asked Questions. The screen is flicker free as a result. We felt the results were very good without needing to reduce the strobe length anyway here.

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Acer reluctantly agreed to pay for the shipping both ways and I sent the monitor off for repair. According to Acer, the monitor that I have is functioning perfectly so I'm just exchanging one working monitor for another working monitor. Besides, you could also backup drivers or create a restore point with Driver Talent before installing any new Acer Predator drivers in case any driver crashes occur. Question No display after boot, monitor and graphics driver compatibility issue. Driver Talent for Network Card.

Interface limitations are related to the support of G-sync and the nature of this panel. In theory, brightness and contrast are two independent parameters, and good contrast is a requirement regardless of the brightness adjustment. Results are hard to capture with a standard camera, and most of the improvement is down to perceived motion blur levels to the user and the human eye. Every now and then, a new screen comes along which really excites us. It's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but in the end, I love my monitor.