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Meanwhile, Wyatt starts dating a girl who has way too much in common with him and it starts to creep Wyatt out. Meanwhile Wyatt and Kylie start dating. Meanwhile, Diego and Robbie drive Jen completely nuts since Jen hates her three stepbrothers, national dating day but finds out her mom is pregnant and is desperate to find out if it is a girl or a boy.

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6teen nikki and jonesy

6teen nikki and jonesy

Ron gets a new guy to help him, and then retires, leaving the Mall in hands of unexpierenced rookie. Jonesy and Nikki studying in a quiet place together. Meanwhile, 18 year old guy Caitlin takes up art to help keep her mind off boys.

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Jonesy has a crush on a girl. He knows all her intimate secrets, details of her life, and personal insecurities not even Jonesy knows. Your review has been posted. Jen gets fired and tries to find a new job with Caitlin, but then she got re-hired. The contest is called the Khaki Boss!

The next morning, Stanely hits Nikki in the back with his tennis balls and Nikki pushes Jonesy into the water fountain. The gang realize Jude was banned from the mall, and wanna do something about it. Every once in a while, he comes up with the perfect solution to their problems. Caitlin and Jen find out about it follow Nikki on a covert spy mission - just to make sure Nikki's okay.

Using a song that describes how great his friends are, Wyatt wins an idol competition taking place in the mall and becomes famous. Venom is attacking the Galleria Mall! Till the day that you say yes to me.

Jude also throws a beach vacation in the mall. Caitlin lies about her being already graduate, to win heart of a cute college boy and tries to keep the secret about her age. Both guys only notice Caitlin and not Jen due to Jen's hideous poodle sweatshirt and her drooling over both of them, dating etiquette phone number along with Caitlin fluttering her eyelashes at both boys.

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When Caitlin hands the gang free cell phones that her father's company is testing, the guys take full advantage of all the free calls they can make. Jen is mortified when her journal goes missing. Caitlin gets Tricia banned from the mall forever when she tricks Tricia into stealing a woman's purse. In order to avoid all the boy-craziness, Nikki lies to Jen and Caitlin about her evening plans.

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The guys dressed in their finest tuxedos and the girls in the chosen bridesmaids dresses, the wedding is ready to proceed. Meanwhile, Jude gets a job at the Penalty Box. Jude destroys a copy of Wayne's beloved film and gives all friends their career tests, but Caitlin's copy is accidentally switched with Nikki's. Jen's older and hated sister Courtney comes to town. Coach Halder than realizes that it was actually a candy bar put on Jen's bag that looked like the prized posetion, and it was really Charlie Dobb's bag.

By Metascore By user score. Caitlin sends letters to Kevin, the other Lemon employee who works in the mornings. Doesn't like it when people harsh on his mellow. The guys do not know this and freak out because the girls supposedly have the only tickets left.

When Caitlin sees how sad Ron is without his job, she gets him to hang out with them. Jen tries to make money so she can go to Whistler. Jude bumps into Star and than Star turns back into her real self and Jude asks her out.

Or will they just stay friends? After the gang is forced to take sides, they try to get Nikki and Caitlin back together but fail until Fish's funeral brings them together. The gang then bursts into the room and have a huge fight with the thugs.

He then goes down to the basement and arrests the thugs. Then he takes Max's hand and walks off, then he tells Max that no one should ever hurt her then she laughs and smiles. Jude starts a long-distance relationship with a girl from Australia, who eventually is revealed to already have a local boyfriend. Jen's scored her dream job at a sports shop, but her meat head ex-gym coach boss, Coach Halder, keeps throwing her in the penalty box for messing up. Caitlins thrilled to go on her first date with a cute college guy, Josh.

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Ron runs all the way to the other end of the mall, to where all this started, and finally stops it, only to find out half the mall is in shambles. Meanwhile, Jude's year-old cousin, Jade, bien aller matchmaking comes to visit and she starts to develop a huge crush on Jonsey. However the repair man turns out not to be so handy and they resort to not dating him.

The next day, at sharp, Jonesy and Nikki will forever be bound in holy matrimony, but until then, the two celebrate. She then goes to Jonesy for advice on how to switch the babies back, eventually leading into Nikki telling Jonesy that she loves him. The road to hell is paved with good intentions - that is, magazine quizzes, Jonesy's advice, and Rent-a-Cop cease-and-decist orders. The guy's party was also starting off with a hitch.

Later does she find out the Barn runs out of bussinus because she left. The personality that she gives off during this walk holds strong throughout the show, as Nikki is constantly depicted as an irreverent and snarky teenage girl. Then Starr shows up and heard all about Nikki's sleeping problems then helps her out.

Meanwhile, Jonesy gets employed by Ron the Rent-a-cop. Jonesy's bachelor party is being held at Grind Me, the group's favorite coffee shop. The Girl At Lightning Round.

  1. Meanwhile, Ron puts Wyatt in mall jail on a trumped-up charge of littering and blackmails him into teaching Ron how to play the guitar to play a song for his crush Yummy Mummy.
  2. You've wanted me since we were sixteen.
  3. He tells Starr that they were done and that he is dating Max now.
  4. Jonesy takes Nikki on a date.
  5. Meanwhile, Jude gets back together with Starr.
  6. Jonesy gets bored at home, so he takes Emma to the mall, but baby Emma kept crying so he gives her to Nikki to look after.
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Once again Jonsey gets a new job, he works as a barber. Griffin, a new employee at The Penalty Box, asks Jen out on a date, only later to find out that he's more of a miser than a hunky guy. You're plenty smart Jude, smarter than all of us. Caitlin accidentally scores a date with Wayne and Jen tries hard as ever to ask a guy out.

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